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Vermont Maple Syrup Grades

VERMONT changed its grading system for maple syrup on January 1, 2014.  This new grading system provides you, the consumer, with better descriptors for each classification offered.  It also allows us to offer you an even darker more flavorful pure maple syrup.  Rest assured, all of our pure maple syrup is produced the same way it has been for decades, meeting all of Vermont's strict maple laws.

The 4 classifications of Grade A Maple syrup:


Golden Color with Delicate Taste- Grade A: 
Light, golden color with a mild delicate taste.  Excellent as a table syrup or over ice cream or yogurt.  This is the grade we use to make our delicious pure maple sugar candy.

amber-maple-syrup.jpg Amber Color with Rich Taste - Grade A: 
A light amber color and full-bodied flavor.  A highly chosen syrup for it's classic maple syrup flavor.
dark-maple-syrup.jpg Dark Color with Robust Taste - Grade A:
A dark amber hue with a more pronounced maple flavor.  This classification would have been known as Grade B before the law change.

Very Dark Color with Strong Taste Grade A:
Nearly black color with a very strong maple flavor characteristic.  If you are going to cook with syrup, this is the flavor for you.  This strong flavor will carry though in your favorite dish.