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Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Palmer Lane Maple - Award Winning Maple SyrupProduced from our own Vermont sugar maple trees, enjoy pure Vermont Maple Syrup straight from Palmer Lane Maple. We take great care in crafting our syrup, and as proof, we consistently win awards for our syrup, candy and maple cream!!


Did you know Vermont changed its grading system for maple syrup in 2014?  Below you will see the new classifications with the old grades in (parentheses).

Did you know real maple syrup comes in 4 grade classifications? Not sure which one you want?

Golden Color with Delicate Taste (Fancy) - the lightest in color and maple flavor. We use this to make our famous maple candy and confections!

Amber Color with Rich Taste (Medium Amber and lighter Dark Amber) - a wonderful maple flavor and amber color. Great for pancakes, waffles or ice cream.

Dark Color with Robust Taste (darker Dark Amber and Grade B) - a pronounced maple flavor and darker hue. Excellent for cooking but still great for pancakes and all around use. Our DARK syrup consitently wins Awards.

Very Dark Color with Strong Taste (New Grade) - Darkest syrup with a strong maple flavor. Use this for baking, cooking or your favorite foods. This is an excellent grade to use for the maple syrup diet or master cleanse diet. This is a favorite of many of our customers.