Our mission is to serve you the finest maple products you can find anywhere.

We pour love and a whole lot of our pure maple syrup into our creemees.  Do we have the best maple creemees around?  That is what our customers tell us, but try it for yourself and let us know what you think.


It all comes down to quality and taste.  We are a small maple farm so we can focus on producing high quality great tasting pure maple syrup.  And we have the awards to prove it.


The Holidays are here and we have what everyone wants.  Gift boxes with plenty of maple treats, delicious pure maple syrup, maple candy and more!  We ship every day.


Although a first generation maple syrup family, Paul learned the fine art of making maple syrup when he was very young.  He started his own operation in 1991 in hills of Jeffersonville.  In 2008, they bought a maple candy business when Colleen started making maple candy for hundreds of wholesale customers.  The demand for their award-winning products quickly grew.


By 2012, they opened a retail store and began serving maple creemees due to high customer demand. Along with a revolving list of flavors in the summer, they also have a mobile creemee truck for weddings, corporate events, and any celebration.

Paul and Colleen Palmer of Palmer Lane Maple, real maple syrup and maple creemees