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We run 4 flavors of creemees during the season (we currently running our most popular flavor, maple). Our season runs from the end of March to Mid-October.  We also have maple creemees on special weekends throughout the winter months.  Like us on Facebook to find out when we are serving creemees!

Like us on Facebook for updates on the flavors we are running, besides the obvious - Maple! We make each batch of creemee mix ourselves with only the most flavorful pure VT maple syrup - you can taste the difference!

We also serve our popular maple cream donuts on special weekends.  We will post that on Facebook as well.



Our delicious gluten free maple creemees (soft-serve) are made with local milk and cream from Vermont cows.  We then add our special touch of pure maple syrup to provide you with a flavorful and smooth ice cream.  Enhance the flavor with our pure maple sprinkles - go all out and get a maple sundae, which includes syrup too!

We now offer Maple Milkshakes!  Made with our maple creemee ice cream, milk, and you guessed it  - more pure maple syrup!

WHAT sizes do we have?

  • Baby - 3 adult bites, or great for a toddler
  • Kiddie - a regular cake cone with 1 swirl on top
  • Small - 3 swirls on top of a regular cone
  • Regular - a regular cone with 5 full delicious swirls on top - bring your appetite!

 **Gluten Free Cones available

 **Waffle Cones are now available 

PICK your topping

  • Chocolate sprinkles
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • Real maple sprinkles, made here - there is NOTHING like them! ***We make our own maple sprinkles and are the home of the Original Maple Sprinkles.  We started making them in 2013, and now others are trying to copy our delicacy.***


DELICIOUS alternative items we create before your eyes

Maple Sundae - a small maple creemee, drowned in real maple syrup and topped with the ultimate - maple sprinkles.  A maple lovers dream!

Maple Lemonade Slushie  - just as it sounds.  Lemonade sweetened with pure maple syrup and turned into a slushie drink.  Great for those hot days.

Maple Root Beer Float - our maple creemee, floating in root beer - what summer memories are made of!

Maple Coffee Float - percolated coffee, sweetened with pure maple syrup with a healthy dose of maple creemee - yummmm